Marty Reiser most recently served as Policy Director for House Minority Whip Steve Scalise. He has had a long career in government focused on health care, tax, trade and pension policy and financial services. He was the lead policy staff for the House Republican Whip operation on all major legislation since 2014, including Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), Tax Cut and Jobs Act, USMCA, CARES Act and all COVID-related legislation, the American Health Care Act, Budget Reconciliation, tax extenders, multi-employer pension plan reform, 21st Century Cures and Opioid bills. Marty also directs all coalition efforts for the House Republican conference – including outreach to business community, trade associations, issue advocacy groups and state and local governments. Since May 2020, Marty has had additional role as chief health policy advisor for the minority on the Select Subcommittee on the Corona Virus Crisis. In that role he has worked on daily basis with CDC, FDA, HHS, the White House, Treasury, the Federal Reserve and the small business community on oversight issues related to the federal government’s response to COVID.

Prior to joining the Whip office in 2014, Marty Reiser served as professional staff for the House Ways and Means Committee Health Subcommittee (Majority). In this role, he was responsible for health care issues impacting private insurance, employers, taxes and the economic impact of health policy, legal issues, and Medicare Secondary payer policies. Worked directly with Leadership, other Committees of jurisdiction in the House and Senate, Congressional Budget Office, Joint Committee on Taxation, Office of Legislative Counsel, Administration officials, outside experts to advance legislation and conduct oversight. Principal staffer for 12 bills that passed the House of Representatives and or were signed into law, including: the Expatriate Health Coverage Clarification Act, the Save our Workers Act, the repeal of the CLASS Act, Health Savings Accounts Improvement Act, the repeal of the medical device tax, and the Hire More Heroes Act. Organized 15 hearings.

Previously, he served as a manager of government policy for Xerox Corporation, and specialized in health, pension benefit and economic issues. In this role he chaired the National Coalition on Benefits, a leading coalition of 200 companies and trade associations formed to advocate for employer interests in health care reform.

He has also served as a Chief of Staff for Rep. Dan Miller (R-FL) and as Rep. Miller’s associate to the Budget Committee. He served s a staff member of the Minority leader’s task Force on Health during the legislative debate over the Health Security Act (HillaryCare) and as lead staff for the Medicare Communications Group during the debate over the the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.

From 1999-2003, he served as Vice President of Public Policy for Citizens for a Sound Economy, a free-market think tank that focused on public policy issues impacting the economy.

Mr. Reiser began his career at the U.S. Department of Commerce. He holds a law degree from George Mason University and a master’s in International Affairs from George Washington University. He earned a BA from Holy Cross.