Agenda: 7/30/17

By S-3 Public Affairs

Fact of the Week: The C-Suite is not just starting to accept AI, but it is embracing and acknowledging its power and potential. AdWeek reports on a new IBM report which finds, “73 percent of CEOs predict AI will play a “key role” in their companies’ future. And more than 50 percent of the chiefs said they plan to adopt such technologies in the next two years.” The technology continues to develop. Just this week Wired reports, “Google’s DeepMind is developing an AI capable of ‘imagination’, enabling machines to see the consequences of their actions before they make them. … Its attempt to create algorithms that simulate the distinctly human ability to construct a plan could eventually help to produce software and hardware capable of solving complex tasks more efficiently.”


In the administration: This week has been billed “American Dreams Week,” while most attention will be on incoming chief of staff General Kelly, who is expected to be sworn in on Monday. President Trump will hold a cabinet meeting the same day and head to West Virginia Thursday for a campaign-style rally. Nick Ayers was sworn in Friday as Vice President Pence’s chief of staff and Jarrod Agen, Pence’s communications director was named today as deputy chief of staff to the Vice President. Deputy Homeland Security secretary Elaine Duke will serve as Acting Homeland Security secretary. The president is expected to sign the Russia sanctions bill this week.

Elsewhere in the administration: The FCC holds its monthly meeting Thursday.

On the Hill: House members are home in their districts for the August work period. The Senate returns to the Capitol on Monday evening. Focus remains on the path forward on FY2017 budget reconciliation, health care, and tax reform.   

In the Media: CNBC reports that Facebook is on the brink of joining “a very exclusive club. … If Facebook rises to another high next week to close at or above a $500 billion valuation, it will join AppleAlphabet and Microsoft as the only U.S. tech stocks to be so valued.” Recode adds that the social media platform continues to evolve. “Facebook says it wants to help publishers sell subscriptions. But Facebook says it doesn’t want a piece of the revenue those subscriptions generate, or any of the data involved in the transaction. Those details are emerging as Facebook talks to publishers about a subscription tool it wants to launch later this year, in conjunction with its Instant Articles program, where Facebook hosts publishers’ articles on its own mobile app.”

BONUS: S-3’s own Amos Snead talked to Axios’ Sara Fischer about the evolving public affairs trends: “We approach everything like a political campaign. … The narrative is moving quickly so it is essential that your media team understands the policy and knows the influential players. It only makes sense to have each of these expertise represented on one team.”

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