Agenda 4/30/17

By S-3 Public Affairs

A note from S-3 Public Affairs: We are thrilled this week to welcome Arjun Mody to our growing team!

 Fact of the Week: Startups are on the rise. Bloomberg reports, “The Bloomberg U.S. Startups Barometer rose 0.6 percent from a year earlier, marking the first year-over-year increase since the end of 2015.” AxiosKia Koklitcheva adds, “The ‘Internet of Things’ category is starting to mature in terms of startup investments, according to a new report from Silicon Valley venture capital firm Wing.” While there were fewer deals in 2016, there was more money invested – with the most in the automotive and health tech spaces.


In the Administration: President Trump marked is first 100 days with a campaign-style rally “100 miles away from Washington’s swamp,” in Pennsylvania. As Washington celebrated the White House Correspondents’ Association, President Trump reconnected with his campaign rhetoric – America first and media criticism. All this while his administration shifts its focus to tax reform, hoping it will deliver the major legislative win the president is looking for.

Notably absent from his first 100 days op-ed in The Washington Post: any mention of health reform. That was left to Kellyanne Conway writing in The USA Today, giving it a passing mention: “It took President Obama more than a year to pass Obamacare. It has taken President Trump a matter of weeks to fashion a replacement for Obamacare that lowers costs, increases access and improves quality in health care.”

On the Hill: Focus will remain on a spending bill after Congress on Friday bought itself an extra week to negotiate.

While the partisan debate over health care (both bigger picture repeal/replace and more immediately how to handle the cost-sharing reductions payments) is also sure to continue, there are some members in the Capitol who are ready to move on. Reps. Jim Himes and Charlie Dent write in the Washington Post this weekend: “As a start, and consistent with the president’s priorities, we have a unique opportunity to make progress on a desperately needed national infrastructure program and an overhaul of our uncompetitive and byzantine tax code.”

Also this week:

In the Media: Look no further than recent ESPN layoffs to understand just how drastically the media landscape is changing. The New York Times reports, “The “Worldwide Leader in Sports,” as ESPN brands itself, laid off scores of journalists and on-air talent on Wednesday, showing that even the most formidable media kingdom was vulnerable to the transformation upending the sports broadcasting industry as more and more people turn away from cable television.”

While most of the media world grapples with changing consumption habits, political media, is focused on how to navigate the changing Washington landscape – a shift on full display at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

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