Rob Collins

Prior to S-3, Rob Collins was the Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, a $125 million, 80-person organization responsible for electing Republicans into the U.S. Senate. During his tenure at the NRSC he helped reelect 12 incumbents and elect 12 new Republicans. These pickups were part of a historic 9-seat gain for the Republicans, the largest GOP gain in over 35 years.

Before taking over at the NRSC, Collins was a partner at Purple Strategies, a bipartisan consulting firm. He also ran the American Action Network, which raised over $30 million for advocacy in 5 Senate races and 35 House districts.  In addition, he created the Hispanic Leadership Network co-chaired by Governor Jeb Bush and Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. Before starting the Network, Collins was Chief of Staff for Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Collins has been chosen by Roll Call Newspaper as a member of the ‘Fab 50’ four times, by Washington Magazine’s “Power 100’ twice and recently Fortune Magazine cited him as the ‘Top Strategist’ for Republicans in 2016.

Raised in Syracuse, NY, Collins now lives with his wife and four children in Washington DC.

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