Resolving International Dispute


A prominent technology firm, entangled in an international space-rights battle came to S-3 Group to galvanize Administration support and navigate protocols in this extraterrestrial field.


Russian officials sought to expand current satellite rights in a strategic location held by the client, with little recognition or pushback from the U.S. Administration.


S-3 performed strategic outreach to relevant diplomats, State Department and Administration officials, and members of Congress to educate interested communities on the national security importance of the client’s orbital rights. Concurrently, the firm generated letters and led briefings to galvanize Administration support. Utilized congressional champions to create and pass bill language in Federal Communications Commission and State Department legislation. Members and staff from the House Committees on Armed Services, Energy and Commerce, Intelligence, Appropriations, and Foreign Affairs, as well as their Senate counterparts, strived to protect the proprietary rights of the technology firm and protect U.S. national interests. S-3 worked closely with the executive, namely Departments of Defense and State, to protect and retain authority over pivotal regions of the space realm.

These efforts culminated in the Administration’s response: a harder line against the Russians and sending senior level officials to successfully negotiate future satellite terms.