State of the K Street: Smaller firms growing very fast

Politico - April 29 2014

PI and the other media outlets who cover lobbying are sometimes guilty of covering the quarterly revenues of the big firms like Patton Boggs and Akin Gump while ignoring the boutiques and medium-sized firms that are increasingly a big part of the K Street ecosystem. So today, we bring you an analysis of the boutiques and medium-sized firms.

PI looked at a snapshot of the Lobbying Disclosure Act revenue numbers for 13 important firms outside the top 20: Heather Podesta & Partners, Clark Geduldig Cranford & Nielsen, Crossroads Strategies, Thorn Run, Franklin Square Group, Liberty Partners Group, Shockey Scofield Solutions, Thorsen French Advocacy, Republic Consulting, TwinLogic, Daly Consulting Group, Majority Group and Monument Policy Group. Of those 13, most were experiencing rapid and sustained double-digit growth between the first quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014.

Podesta, Thorsen French and Franklin Square were roughly on pace with where they were at this time last year. Meanwhile, Clark Geduldig, Crossroads Strategies, Thorn Run, Shockey Scofield, Republic Consulting, TwinLogic, Daly Consulting Group and Majority Group were all up in double digits. Monument Policy Group was just barely shy of 10 percent growth. Majority Group, Crossroads Strategies and Daly Consulting Group were all up significantly — with 44 percent, 35 percent and 33 percent growth, respectively. PI also looked at estimated 2014 revenue per registered lobbyist and things look rosy for Heather Podesta, Thorsen French and Daly Consulting. If all three keep pace with quarter one of 2014, they’ll clear over $1 million in revenue per registered lobbyist. Other firms are doing very well on this measure.

Here’s our dataset and a brief note on methodology, complete with very rough 2014 revenue projection based sorely on the first quarter numbers: