(Some) Boutiques Bucking the Trends

Politico - October 28 2013

(SOME) BOUTIQUES BUCKING THE TRENDS: At the suggestion of a reader, PI looked at the billings for a few smaller lobbying shops in the aftermath of quarter three reports that showed the top K Street firms on pace for another slow year. It’s good news for the firms PI looked at.Clark Lytle Geduldig Cranford, Shockey Scofield Solutions, TwinLogic, Franklin Squareand Thorsen French aren’t a representative sample, but all showed third-quarter revenue either higher than or on par with other revenue totals for 2013, and all five showed steady growth over the past three years. TwinLogic and Thorsen French both had their best numbers of the past three years in Q3 2013, and only one firm, Franklin Square, fell below its 2012 Q3 totals. Shockey Scofield showed a nearly 25 percent revenue increase from the previous year’s Q3, and Thorsen French increased by about 18 percent. Check out the breakdown, with data pulled from the Senate lobbying database. The data only include LDA billings: http://bit.ly/16EkiFD