Boutiques Mostly Still Humming Along

Politico - January 24 2014 

BOUTIQUES MOSTLY STILL HUMMING ALONG: As PI and others reported in October, some small firms are bucking the trends of a slow year. This quarter we looked at The Majority Group, Liberty Partners, Daly Consulting Group, Daley Policy Group, Clark Lytle Geduldig Cranford, Shockey Scofield Solutions, TwinLogic, Franklin Square and Thorsen French.These firms all showed growth between the second and third quarters of 2013, but some fell off the wagon during the fourth quarter. Success stories include: GDS Strategies, which has stayed stable across 2013 and came out at about $1.2 million, about $300,000 above its 2012 yearly total. Clark Lytle had its best quarter in Q4, as did Shockey Scofield and TwinLogic. Check out the breakdown, with data pulled from the Senate lobbying database. The data only include LDA billings: