Revenge of the Little Shops

Roll Call - February 5 2014

For three years in a row, the total amount of on-the-record federal lobbying cash has slumped. For three years in a row, Thorn Run Partners’ piece of that total has jumped.

Ditto for Clark, Geduldig, Cranford & Nielsen; Shockey Scofield Solutions and Thorsen French Advocacy. Elmendorf Ryan hit its all-time high last year with more than $10 million in lobbying revenue....

John Scofield, a former Appropriations Committee aide who lobbied at the larger Podesta Group before starting Shockey Scofield, said clients get a better value with little businesses.

“With a smaller firm, there’s a lot more flexibility with the clients and in our work days,” Scofield said. “In some respects, it’s more of a team atmosphere because you have to be interchangeable because there are only three of us. You have to always be able to pinch hit for each other.”

Scofield said he and his two colleagues eschew staff meetings, try to keep overhead to a minimum in their Eastern Market digs and don’t need to navigate a bureaucracy when deciding whether to take on a new client or how to approach a client’s particular problem.

“We’re not setting up 100 Hill meetings a month. We’re not spinning our wheels doing busy work,” said Scofield, whose clients include Boeing, Genentech, the National Chicken Council and T-Mobile. “We’re doing high-level Hill strategic meetings.”

Though Shockey Scofield’s 2013 LDA revenue of $3.4 million might seem underwhelming when compared with the $40.2 million Patton Boggs, the largest lobbying practice, reported for last year, Shockey Scofield produced $1.1 million per lobbyist. Patton Boggs, with 96 registered lobbyists in 2013, produced $420,000 per lobbyist.